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Re: decision regarding Rugal incomprehensible!

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OI would call his Bajoran family, loving, but dysfunctionally abusive. I thought about his Cardassian family too, and I don't think we can be sure that his father, and the rest of his family, were "Space Fascists." Not all Cardassians were like that, so that's stereotyping them, which is also an unhealthy practice.

I like how the episodes regarding Kira's stereotyping of Cardassians in roughly the same way addressed this. Her "father," was anything but a Space Fascist. Far from it...
I feel like Godwinning here, however it would be relevant because said organization was an explicit inspiration for the Cardassians. The father, in question, seems like a loving man to his child--no question. However, he was a member of the occupation forces and a political rival to Dukat who was involved the genocide of 7 million Bajorans. Either way, they're reparating a child raised in both the Bajoran faith and Bajoran lifestyle to a totalitarian dictatorship with a hostility to that religion.

This is before the Cardassian civilian government overthrows the military and at a time when arrest=guilt.
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