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Re: is the stargate movie any good

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Which is, I suppose, a bit ironic as SG-1 itself has a pilot episode (two versions, in fact).
The later, revised DVD version of "Children of the Gods" is better overall, although the original pilot edit (which was made for Showtime) has a full-frontal female nude scene. Whether its removal counts as an improvement depends on one's personal tastes and preferences.
I'll admit I'm a bit titillated by the nude scene (sorry, I had to), though as a gay man it doesn't actually do anything for me; it's just so radically different from anything else that occurs in the entire franchise.

There are aspects of the revised pilot that I enjoy, but especially for anyone planning to get into the series there's an omission that -really- bugs me because it creates continuity problems with later episodes.

Also, I kind of miss the original ship stuff...granted we never saw it again and what we see instead fits in better with the series, but I still thought it was nifty, if a bit of a head-scratcher.
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