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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

While my talents lie mostly in the arts, my interests lie mostly in the sciences. I practically learned to read on Astronomy, Paleontology and Archaeology books. Those are still my favorites, but I've picked up many more over the years. Especially Physics (as in quarks, leptons, et al). Basically, I'm a Romantic with a taste for the exotic, so I've had a lifelong love for science and science fiction. I subscribe to many science magazines, including Science News, Archaeology, Smithsonian, Air & Space, Discover, Natural History and Popular Science. I also belong to The Planetary Society and The Cousteau Society. And the SABC.

Another thing that fascinates me is higher math. Which is unfortunate, because my brain can't really grasp it. I can sit for hours reading about the mysteries of pi and the Mandelbot Set and come away the feeling that it was all trying to tell me something that I'm too stupid to grasp.

No degrees, though. I'm way too Bohemian to sit in a classroom. One semester at Emerson is the extent of my higher education.

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