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Re: Ya know, the story is pretty deep...[Spoilers!]

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Into Darkness shows a still unready Kirk and a broken Spock in the Enterprise. It was my fourth time watching it when it finally clicked. Into Darkness means into YOUR future, the undiscovered country if you will. The movie is about growing up and the fear of doing so.

It's less to do with drone warfare and political commentary than it is about us. Kirk represents our pride and our wanting to be free. Spock, interestingly enough, is our emotions, our attempt to control, and ultimately fail to control said emotions. Khan is our controlling, analytical side. And Alexander Marcus is fear.

Everyday we go through this same crisis, Kirk and Khan, freedom and control, are at odds with each other. At times, they fight. As with any Trek movie, the universe, especially the Federation represents the ideal. Freedom wins over control, but in this case, the freedom, Kirk, ran rampant with absolutely no control. It wasn't until it met it's opposite, Khan, that it began to reign itself in. At the same time, our emotions, Spock, were devastated by loss, something we all must live with. Sometimes, as we saw, the weight is too much, and we break.

When Kirk died he said, "I'm scared Spock," signifying that our need to be free also carries with it a curse, we do not know what is ahead, what will happen when we grow up, but we know we must for the better of ourselves. Kirk's death represented our entering of maturity, the idea that we cannot live just for ourselves but we must also live for others, it also represented the end of our childhood. What followed was, very briefly, puberty. Spock was our emotions on a rampage against Khan, our control, our brain. Like actual puberty, emotions reign supreme at times, but both sides battled it out. It is only when Uhura beams down with a promise that our freedom, Kirk, can return to us, but only through letting the brain survive and assist, do the emotions come slowly back under control.

When Kirk awakens two weeks later, we see a more mature man, somebody who has lost everything, but that through the ultimate sacrifice and pain, do we see that he got it back and more. When we grow up and mature, we realize that we need it all, our fear, our emotions, our freedom, our mind, everything. Without it, we grow up broken, or not at all. Kirk grew up finally, but only after these many challenges. Just as we do. Growing up and facing the future is scary, but as Kirk found out, we are never alone and we will face it all together.

09 was about birth and becoming a family, ID was about maturing, I believe 13 will be about loss and death. At least, that was my opinion.

Tear it apart folks, if I missed anything, feel free to chime in!
I approve of this post.
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