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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Hi, all... what can I say...

I got hooked on spaceflight thanks to my uncle, who worked on the IU (Instrument Unit) on the Saturn IB and Saturn V boosters for NASA. He lived on the Banana River and I got to go over as a child and watch mission launches. I was there for STS-7 (Sally Ride's first mission).

I have been a lifelong space-nut and am an amature astronomer with Binoculars, though I am looking to get a new telescope at some point (neither of my current units work worth a darn).

I am also here to worship the glory that is Naraht, but if we can all keep that to ourselves, it would be less embarassing when she rejects me

"Purity in doctrine... Compassion in application."
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