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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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No, it's like saying a ship isn't a warship because the Captain says so and because much of his crew brought their families along for the ride (an act that would be unconscionable on an actual military vessel).
Again: it's like saying a military base isn't one because the wife and kids live next door. Don't try to say it isn't saying what you're saying.

Show me the last time an aircraft carrier was outfitted with a kindergarten for the officers' children;
If they left for a 20-year mission, they might. I don't think the definition of "military" includes a minimum distance from civilians.

Also, please note that I never called the Enterprise a warship.

You're the one who said nothing changed between TOS and TNG.
Yes, that's one thing that "changed", but as I said above it doesn't make Starfleet not military. We're talking about Starfleet, not individual ships.

Didn't I already do that
And that's my opinion.
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