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Re: JoeD's TOS rambling review thread

Random thoughts about the episode

Kirk suggests sarcastically flowers to McCoy, while picking some straw Always find that very odd

Darnell - ummm, there is a man with impulse control problems, leaving his post like that - mind you it explains why they believed he would be stupid enough to just eat an alien plant.

"its not a bad life, and you win all the arguments " - now think about their sex life ( or for your sanity, don't)

looking at previous posts, totally agree Uhura seems to be chatting Spock up, and again seems to be flirting in Charlie X. Shes a great character in this showing a terrific feisty and fun persona.
Rand amuses me greatly, shes unfazed by the ogling of various crewmen and is presumably a good enough friend of Sulus she will bring him his meal, but is rude enough to take bits out of his food before delivering it, and its not exactly subtle I mean if she was delivering say Kung po prawns ( sorry I was thinking of that Curb your enthusiasm episode) fair enough but she takes a bite out of his celery and puts the rest back on his plate!
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