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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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The man who claims that "Starfleet is not a military organization" is the Captain of a spacecraft whose crew includes several hundred civilians, many of them children. This does not appear to be a feature unique to galaxy-class starships, since several years later we see this is also true of the USS Saratoga.
This is like saying that military bases adjacent to a neighborhood built specifically for the soldiers and their families...
No, it's like saying a ship isn't a warship because the Captain says so and because much of his crew brought their families along for the ride (an act that would be unconscionable on an actual military vessel).

Show me the last time an aircraft carrier was outfitted with a kindergarten for the officers' children; show me the last time a cruiser went into a combat situation with the First Officer's wife and child sitting in his quarters, wondering what's for dinner.

That isn't a military organization. That's an exploration service that doesn't mind getting conscripted.

Are you suggesting the original Enterprise had children and families on board during TOS?
Why don't you question what I said rather than your straw construct of my argument ?
You're the one who said nothing changed between TOS and TNG. The change was that Starships started going into deep space with children and families on board.

Am I wrong? Was this NOT a change? Did they have families on Kirk's Enterprise?

The non-military nature of Starfleet is a REACTION to U.S. politics.
Prove it.
Didn't I already do that, correlating the changing depiction of Starfleet with the prevailing attitudes towards the U.S. military and geopolitical context of the time?
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