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Re: Morality and the Holodeck - slightly different question

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Two things that would greatly affect the ability to create whatever fantasies one wanted on the holodeck: first, there don't seem to be any fully private holodecks (even Quark's requires special arrangements to draw from station power);
Jeffrey Combs' character says he has one in the episode where he wants Quark to get Kira's image.

second, the use of medical records to create holographic images. LaForge's image of Leah Brahms, made by asking the computer to access Starfleet records, should be more problematic than if someone programmed from memory an image of a living person (which Data did in Unification).
I'd imagine in that specific instance that LaForge is authorised to view those records. Use of them for that purpose, it depends - either there's a regulation or there isn't and there appears not to be. Obviously I agree that the general case of using stored data is more problematic than creation from memory.

ETA it occurs to me that it might be arguable that Data's memory is different to that of a biological lifeform and should be treated as computer memory for this and similar purposes (cf. Data's role as 'court record' during the trial in EaF).

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^ If somebody tried that, I would like to think there'd be a trail of evidence that could prove the events weren't real. It may be as simple as asking the computer if there are any records of it being done on the holodeck. And nobody's going to take anything holodeck-related on face value anyway, are they?
On an episode of TNG, it would be that simple. But this doesn't have to take place on a 'closed system' like a starship. The holodeck used to create it need not be connected to any database or suchlike that would allow tracing its creation.

The best way through is probably some [tech] feature of holo-images that makes them resistant to recording devices. And some more [tech] to explain why Geordi and Data aren't blind in the holodeck because of it.
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