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Re: The Other Comic Thread

I tried something like this back after VALIANT COMICS relaunched. Thinking that with our comic readers on the site there would be enough interest to follow the rebirth of that universe.

As they enter Year Two this summer I was going to bump in and mention the Year 2 books on deck. Guess I still could.

The TMNT from IDW thread that Trekker started kinda died. Felt like I was the only one still reading that.

From other publishers I've been enjoying the Dark Horse realunch of X and Ghost. I picked up Captain Midnight a few weeks back and despite feeling very Captain America esque may read the first arc. Looking forward to the other Comics Greatest World 9ish mini Catalyst Comics coming soon. An anthology to have a few other CGW characters in it.

I picked up Lazarus from Image, this week, based on Greg Rucka's name alone. Haven't read it yet. Same with West of East by Hickman. Though I feel 3 issues in it's going to read better as a trade. Feeling the decompression already.

Has anyone tried the rebranded Green Hornet Legacy by Dynamite publishing? When Mark Waid's Green Hornet, telling stories of Britt Sr in his prime started they needed to differentiate it from the Britt, Jr. stories. It went to the Legacy subtitle at I think #36. It continues the title started by Kevin Smith around the same time the last movie came out. I read the first 28 issues and have thought about going back to the title.
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