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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Well, someone just sent me this link:

It looks like I won't be watching the next movie
that was only the preview there are other pages after that and still one more issue after that that will be published in July.

I don't know if you read the comics especially the second part but there is a moment between Kirk and Uhura where Uhura talks about Spock and it's really interesting what she said about him and his vulcan side. I don't know if I can post that scan here but anyway the point is that she told Kirk that she understood that Spock hides some things of his vulcan side from her because he loves her.
Summarized like that it doesn't make sense but I get what she meant. In short he didn't tell her about pon farr, that is a source of shame for him, because he was scared to lose her. But she says she loves his vulcan side too so maybe she will encourage him to share more of that part of himself with her in the future.
Let's not forget that as a child of two worlds Spock had always been considered an outsider by both earth and vulcan the only one that accepted him was his mother but the others always saw him as the alien, different and "weird" from their perspective so I don't find it so crazy to believe that he might be scared to lose Uhura, especially after the loss of his home world and mother.
I think there are sides of his human half that he doesn't accept or tries to control but there are also sides of his vulcan side that he doesn't accept or is scared to show.

Also I have to note that in no form it's ever implied that he wants to mate with T'pring. I have a feeling that the blood fever gets so bad for him (and man.. it's bad. I don't know what the comic writers were thinking here but I had no idea that vulcans could be like zombies ) precisely because he doesn't want her.
At one point they have a group of vulcans having to basically carry him to the mating ceremony (because he's that sick and barely conscious) but suddenly he gets mad like hell and escapes from it.

having said that, the comics are always grey area between canon and not canon. They're a bit more canon than other comics because they're approved by Orci so they're useful to get hints and he has an influence, I think, but remember that the writers of the comics aren't the same writers of the movies.
Furthermore, they're comics. Storytelling in the form of a comic is different than storytelling in the form of a movie or novel.
I have to say though that by far Uhura had been amazing in the comics. One of the better developed characters. Have a lot of respect for the girl, I can totally see why he loves her he couldn't find a better match.
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