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Re: Future of the "Terminator" Franchise (Discussion, Rumors, Spoilers

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Lightning had paradox free time travel, didn't it? Always a plus.
Yeah, though obviously the suggestion I made above about incorporating the general idea into the Terminator universe would have to feature paradoxes, since the whole universe is built on them.

The novel describes the time machine used by the Nazis as resembling a tunnel; when the correct mathematical calculations are made the machine is set and the traveler steps inside and vanishes, reappearing with some degree of precision at the physical and temporal location chosen. There are a number of unique details and mechanics to make time travelling work.

The fictional universe supports the theory that nature will not allow a paradox to exist, including meeting oneself. Furthermore, in order to prevent the "Back to the Future" syndrome of preventing one's own existence by past actions, time can only be traversed into the future. The energy used to move through time disrupts the natural environment during the arrival at the target time and place, which causes massive unexplained lightning storms (and the book's title). The departure from the future back to the present does not cause a lightning storm.

Regardless of how long the traveler spends in his destination, for unexplained reasons once he returns to his own time stream (by use of a push button device commonly concealed in a belt buckle) exactly 11 minutes will have passed. Changes made at one point in time will affect all future events stemming from that timeline; however only the traveler himself will be aware that anything has changed, since his own past was not altered. The Nazis pursuing Stefan and Laura lose them at several points while they are on the run. Rather than continue their physical pursuit, they return to the past, then go farther ahead in the future to seek credit card receipts and motel information to determine where the pair will flee to, and go to that time to set an ambush. They could not do this if they had remained after pursuit due to the next aspect.

As stated above, a time traveler cannot return to a temporal location he has previously visited (even if it were to a different physical location), since technically he will still be there and thus create a paradox. This plays a role in the endgame when Stefan witnesses Laura's death at the hands of SS Lt. Erich Kleitmann's men. Since he is already there when she dies, he cannot return there to save her, so instead he returns to 1944 and sends a message in a bottle forward to just before the event, warning of the outcome. Stefan has to be careful to use items from the past to compose the message, otherwise they would not appear when needed.
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