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Re: Should they have stayed in the Delta Quadrant?

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Actually I don't.

First of all she's insane. You'd have to rewrite her character to be less Alzheimery.
If the Caretaker is a wannabe interstellar rapist, I don't see the problem her playing large-scale Ant Farm.

Maybe she had the technology to destroy Voyager from a distance but Susperia chose to wrestle with Janeway because it felt more satisfying. That's the tactics of a moron who has no business trying to rule the galaxy.
Well, she's a God Alien. God Aliens throughout Trek have done some bizarre stuff.

For Susperia to be who you claim that she could be, Caretaker would have had to have been rewritten in the pilot to not be such a bloody Muppet, which means that the Kazon would not have been a threat, and it never would have been Janeway's decision to strand Voyager in the Delta Quadrant or not.
Easily explained, he actually had a Nacene neural degenerative disease that over a millennium made him a moron and weakened him, and THAT'S what killed him. Not old age, but a virus that made him a moron to boot.

Suspiria had no such problems, and her tech/power was better utilized and stronger.
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