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Re: Endgame was awesome!

I'm pretty much "meh" towards it. By that point in the series' run I had lost interest in the Seven of Nine show, but did watch the finale when it was on.

Time travel is an overused plot element and in this episode Janeway breaks about every rule of time travel, going back in time to tell them what happened, giving them advanced technology, etc, all because of her unrequited love for Seven (the other excuses about how her death affected Chakotay was pretty poor and very little was made about Janeway’s best friend suffered a serious neurological breakdown on their voyage).

Other little things bug me such as: Torres being an ambassador to the Klingon Empire, the Doctor being married, Barclay’s inclusion, the sudden Chakotay/Seven thing, Kim being Captain —but nothing enough to detract from the overall episode.

How they get home is a smart idea, and I liked seeing Alice Krige back as the Queen. But the super-Voyager was a bit of a cop out, as was the fact the Borg apparently don’t have any firewalls/anti-virals to deal with biological attack.

It’s been a while since I last saw it and if it came on TV I wouldn’t flick away, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again.
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