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Re: Does the Doctor age?

Here are the age differences between the last screen appearance of one Doctor and the first appearance of the next (going by airdate, not production date, so some may be a bit high):

"The Tenth Planet": Hartnell: 58 / Troughton: 46
"The War Games"/"Spearhead from Space": Troughton: 49 / Pertwee: 50
"Planet of the Spiders": Pertwee: 54 / T. Baker: 40
"Logopolis": T. Baker: 47 / Davison: 29
"The Caves of Androzani": Davison: 32 / C. Baker: 40
"The Ultimate Foe"/"Time and the Rani": C. Baker: 43 / McCoy: 44
Doctor Who (movie): McCoy: 52 / McGann: 36
Doctor Who/"Rose": McGann: 36 / Eccleston: 41
"The Parting of the Ways": Eccleston: 41 / Tennant: 34
"The End of Time": Tennant: 38 / Smith: 27

So you're technically right about the sequence, Starkers, but McCoy is actually 2 1/2 months younger than Colin Baker; it's just that there was a gap of 10 months between Baker's last appearance and McCoy's first. If Baker had returned for his regeneration sequence, they would've both been 44. And Pertwee was only 8 1/2 months older than Troughton. So I'd say there were two cases where successive Doctors were approximately the same age. Not to mention that McGann is 4 years older than Eccleston in real life; it's just that there's a huge gap between their respective appearances.

All in all, I'd say the only substantial upward jump in age was from the Fifth Doctor to the Sixth; all the others regenerations either made the Doctor younger (more than a decade younger in five cases) or kept him approximately the same age.
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