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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I consulted my friend Andy and he admitted to an error in his side view CAD drawing I used as the basis for the cutaway and a reference point. The radius on Deck 8 is 68 mm, so it looks like Uhura will be getting her cabin there, finally.

I had also considered the idea of drafting a crew cabin within the briefing room set, although I'm not so sure, now. If I'm able to accomodate 90% of the corridor footage into the main corridor, then those ("briefing") rooms we see may have practical functions for the adjacent work sections.

In the vast and unseen area of Deck 6 we could have cabin stacked against cabin (as my Deck 6 "experiment" suggested) for crew accomodation.

I finished the "paperwork" of Deck 7, now have to clean it up, adjust the text comment to some (hopefully good) last minute changes and have it probably here for evaluation by Sunday. Stay tuned.

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