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Re: is the stargate movie any good

It's okay. Hardly memorable, but it has its moments. It works best after you have familiarity with the TV shows and you re-watch it, seeing how it all began.

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I would have loved to see a sequel to the film that ignored the TV show and brought back Kurt Russell and James Spader.
Which will never happen. It's because of the TV shows that Stargate has any kind of real popularity and if weren't for SG-1 at the very least, it's possible the movie would fade into obscurity.

Granted, that's not really much of a factor now given the franchise is essentially done. But should anything new be done with Stargate, TV or movie, the wisest move would be to reboot things than do a sequel to a movie nearly two decades old but ignoring everything that's developed from it in those two decades.
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