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Re: Does the Doctor age?

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One of the things I suggest to a friend was that you could justify the fact that the reason each of the regenerated Doctors seemed to get younger is that as a Time Lord approaches their 13th (and presumeably final) regeneration, the process extends life by giving more youth in the hopes of running out the clock. One might event suggest that the 13th regeneration would completely reset the Doctor's proverbial clock and he comes back as a baby in the hopes of having a long but relatively normal final lifespan. Thus a Time Lords life cycle would come full circle.
Well certainly the three modern doctors have got younger as they regenerated, but this hasnít always been the case, in fact I think it goes younger/older/younger/younger/older/older/younger/older/younger/younger and if the 12th Doctor is older than Smith this will break the modern cycle.
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