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All jokes aside, I really don't ever want to hear the phrase "the Patriot way" ever again. The media would have you believe that the Patriots are this model to be emulated of players that play the game unselfishly and play the game the "right way." Here is a list of those players from the last few years that make that phrase bullshit.
I'm sorry, but if you were trying to make a point, you failed miserably. Sure there were better examples, but you picked really poor ones to try and stay with the names people would recognize. Let's look:

1. Cory Dillon (Lots of problems elsewhere but kept his nose clean in NE for the most part)
So your example is...what? That he was a dink with the Bengals, but fine with New England? No problems I'm aware of there, and won a ring his first year. Worst example you could have picked, as he's the type of player they've been chasing since. Problem with other team, came to the Patriots and 'saw the light', model citizen in New England. Every reclamation project since has been trying to recapture that success.

2. Albert Haynesworth (Refused to get in playing shape)
Not really an example of a Patriot at all, was he? Played in what, a couple games max? And they cut him for being a lazy slob, which is kinda the opposite of your example.

3. Randy Moss (Productive for a while but ultimately was a clubhouse killer)
Again, what are you trying to show? Right up until his expiring contract made him a bit crazy/selfish, he was a model citizen here. Nothing I'm aware of for problems, and great on the field. Weird that you're actually listing some of the Pats' better redemption stories to try and damn them

4. Aaron Hernandez (Cut him after murder charges, no brainer)
Finally got one, although a bit obvious. While there's plenty of undesirable parts of his past that could have been a warning, that's true of a LOT of NFL players. If you're suggesting anyone should have known he'd murder someone...? Up until this shitshow, looked like he'd put some of that behind him, but more coming out now suggests that maybe not as behind him as we thought. Sad, especially given his talent. And even then, Pats cut him before convicted of anything, and without considering that it would have been better cap-wise to wait and fight the bonus money first, so even in the best example, there's still some of the principle you're telling us doesn't exist. Would have been just as easy to suspend him and let it play out, they cut him 90 minutes after he was arrested, and turned him away earlier in the week when he tried to show up and practice.

5. Tebow (Good clubhouse guy, hard worker, but still a huge media distraction)
Now you're just desperate and ran out of names/ideas. Even your example of why he shows how the Patriots Way doesn't exist just lists his good qualities May suck as a QB, but pretty much the shining example of the rest. Also, since he's been on the team like 3 weeks and never played a game, pretty lazy to even mention him. Media distraction is a low bar, and even then, MUCH less of one than when he was on the Jets' roster.

They don't have these mythical saintly standards for their players. They are well coached and they have arguably the best QB to ever play the game leading their team. They will win consistently until Brady can't go anymore. If Bellicheck thought he could win with Michael Vick a few years ago he would have been making conjugal visits on a weekly basis. They love to make fun of teams like the Jets and Cowboys for being a media circus but then troll the world by signing Tebow.
No, they like to make fun of the Jets because they suck, are horribly coached and managed, and they run their fucking mouths about being the best, going to beat everyone, etc. while ass-fumbling their way to a middling record every year. If you do nothing but talk shit constantly, and can't back ANY of it up, not going to be thought of well. Their own fault, maybe just STFU until they actually accomplish something?

And yeah, Belichick hates the Jets, has some personal stakes there. And definitely seems to enjoy taking players the Jets can't figure out and showing them what they missed out on, just to tweak the Jets. Danny Woodhead being the most recent example. Maybe Tebow will turn into something, maybe Belichick just took him in to tweak the Jets, or maybe he's just competing for a 3rd QB spot and you're making too big a deal out of it for someone who won't be on the gameday roster. Or the Pats will turn him into a crazy-good TE or RB or something off the wall like that, and show everyone that Tebow is just fine, but they were using him wrong But probably just the 3rd QB thing, if he makes the final roster at all...

In general, yeah the Patriots' Way thing IS a little nonsense, and media-created, but you showed with the examples you picked that there really aren't many incidents to pick from, and you went back a decade to try and find some. I mean, you could have found a few minor things, but they were to bit-players that no one really knows, so don't make the splash you wanted.

You'd have had a better argument if you tried to pick on the Florida players that the Pats have signed lately. Media made a big deal about the Urban Myers connection to the Pats, and how great they were doing there, but in the past few drafts there, we got:

-Chad Jackson: complete bust

-Jermaine Cunningham: PED suspension last year, otherwise was his first decent year since we got him, likely bust

-Aaron Hernandez: murder, cut

- Brandon Spikes: Pretty good player, but PED suspension and had his dick out on a ChatRoulette incident

Maybe Florida players are our problem?
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