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Klingon Battle Cruiser

The original Klingon battle cruiser is a striking design. If you grew up with it, it's almost a Jungian archetype and certainly a cornerstone of Star Trek iconography. Is it a cobra? An art deco building? A bird? A manta ray? You can project a lot of things onto it.

Facts I find interesting:

The design still looked so good that they barely changed it for TMP ten years later. What else can you say that for? Not the Enterprise, not the Batmobile, not Superman's good blue suit. Hollywood updates everything, but they let the Klingon design stand.

If I remember correctly, AMT built the TOS filming miniature as part of a deal that gave them the rights to the retail kit. And then the kit was made directly from the thing itself, not from the usual drawings and publicity stills. This made AMT's Klingon ship the most accurate model of its day-- it was impeccable. Some sci-fi kits nowadays are extremely faithful to a screen-used miniature (Moebius makes some great ones, no doubt with modern computer tools), but in the 1970s most kits were rough approximations, and that went double for most Star Trek kits.

Franz Joseph said in an interview that Michael McMaster sent him his blueprints for the Klingon ship expecting praise, but FJ was not pleased. FJ felt the kid had overtly copied the Enterprise deck plan designs and plugged them into the Klingon shape. But I found the MM plans fun and beautifully drafted.
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