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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I don't know if I ever mentioned any of them before, but I've come up with very similar theories with regards to Uhura's cabin being one of the few with a bathroom.
Could the "Life Sciences Department Botanical Section (LSDBS)" opposite Uhura's cabin been the inspiration for that? If there is one thing that is for certain it's that (most) plants in the botanical section require water and a cabin with a bathtub would make sense in the vicinity, wouldn't it?

I wrote earlier that the width of Deck 8 would be too narrow to accomodate Uhura's cabin, but I'm having second thoughts. According to the scale of the deck plan drafts the floor would end at the cabin's back wall at a radius of 68mm.

According to the cutaway I posted there's only 64 mm from the saucer's center to the stern outer hull of Deck 8, but 68 mm from the center measured towards the bow. I need to ask my friend Andy about this asymetry and which one is right and which one wrong.

Look like the turbo lift of Uhura's corridor on Deck 8 would be close to the 5 o'clock position on Deck 6 and we could have a connection from the LSDBS opposite her cabin to the LSDBS seen in "The Man Trap" on Deck 8 - hopefully!

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