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Re: Should they have stayed in the Delta Quadrant?

Actually I don't.

First of all she's insane. You'd have to rewrite her character to be less Alzheimery.

Maybe she had the technology to destroy Voyager from a distance but Susperia chose to wrestle with Janeway because it felt more satisfying. That's the tactics of a moron who has no business trying to rule the galaxy.

Her array was considerably smaller, and my personal belief is that the Caretaker was literally a caretaker, a fricking janitor which is why the rest of the Nacene expedition felt that they wouldn't lose resources by abandoning him to look after the Ocampa until those elves could stand on their own, which after a thousand years he had absolutely failed at, because he's an idiot. He cleaned space toilets for a living, which in no way qualified him to play god.

Caretaker said that his own systems were too hard/complicated to control when Janeway was begging for a lift home. Begged. She begged and he didn't give a damn, too busy dying to even think about apologizing for the rape or send her back on her way to Federationland. After a thousand years he probably still needed the manual open on his lap to make sure shit worked right.

Susperia doubled the life span of her Ocampa, unless Caretaker was so shit he halved the life span of his Ocampa? But that suggests that she was more likely a geneticist/biologist than an engineer or a space janitor.

Her array was Quarter the size of Caretakers and he couldn't even kick the Kazon off Ocampa off or survive a Kazon vanguard of 1 city ship and two shuttles without thinking to kill himself as an offensive measure, only to cock that up because he's a simpleton.

For Susperia to be who you claim that she could be, Caretaker would have had to have been rewritten in the pilot to not be such a bloody Muppet, which means that the Kazon would not have been a threat, and it never would have been Janeway's decision to strand Voyager in the Delta Quadrant or not.
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