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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

I spent six years in the Navy, most of it aboard a fast attack nuclear submarine. After that I worked at the Hanford Site making plutonium for nuclear weapons. I was certified in the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists in 1979, so radiation and nuclear reactors are part of my experience, with a "hobby" interest in nuclear weapons. Licensed as an amateur (ham) radio operator in 1978. I also was a member of the Planetary Society many years ago, until they started advocating only robotic space exploration and no manned spaceflight. Before that I was a member of the old L5 Society. I moved to Arizona in 1986 and now I work as a website designer at a nuclear power plant. When I get home I work on websites and discussion boards, so I have all the software and tools to do that stuff. I'm in the Sheriff's Posse, and our group is all ham radio operators. Most of us are interested in the Global Positioning System, and we are using a system called APRS to be able to track our location on the computer, for use in search and rescue and just playing around.

I've always loved gadgets and goodies, and having grown up in a zinc-plated, vacuum tube culture, it's a good thing I had had no idea how cool life in the 21st century was going to be, or it would have been 40 years of extreme impatience waiting to get here.

Having watched Star Trek when it first came out in the 1960s, I consider myself an original "Trekkie" - none of this newfangled "Trekker" nonsense for me. And I have a Motorola Razr phone that when you flip it open and blur your eyes and look at it sideways, it kinda looks almost like one of those...well...KIRK TO ENTERPRISE ONE TO BEAM UP!
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