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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

spider1 said:
No degrees for me!

But I am Microsoft certified.

* runs and hides *
My CCNA chrushes your MCSE!!!!!!!

As fior me, Ive been a tech hound since I got my first set of legos and lincoln logs. I'v ealways tilted towards Architecture and engineering. I got detoured for about 12 years where I became a systems and network engineer. I got my CCNA, never sat for but should have gotten my CCNP but I was burne dout on the IT industry by then. My IT fields of expertise are with networking. WANs, LANs, MANs, TCP/IP, SNA, IPX, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, P2P, plus a smidge of Appletalk and X.25. I also got my BS in Computer Science. But like I said, I got burned out on the IT industry. So Ive found my way back towards my first true love, Architecture. Well not exactly. Im not an Architect, but in an Architectural field, and it puts food on the table and keeps a roof over our heds, so Im happy.
I couldnt wrap my head around physics or chemistry to save my life. But I am fascinated by biology, heredity, and evolution. Im also very much into military, explosives, and firearms related tech
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