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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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Hi Teacake, I haven't forgotten about you or SGU, I've just been enjoying Eureka, way more than I expected I would. I can watch at least 3 episodes a night, so I was letting you get a bit ahead of me. I watch these two, plus the next one tonight. I've been looking forward to watching Justice again (See if I still hate Young and Rush both as much, or if I'm able to take sides or at least appreciate the motives of one of them. I have appreciated Rush a little more this time in the 9 episodes so far, but, he's still an arrogant prick I'd want to shove out an airlock in real life if I had to deal with him, which, for a TV character isn't always so bad, as long as you don't feel that way about everybody, LOL.)
Oh don't worry about the pace of the rewatch Sindatur, I've been totally distracted by power watching Continuum and Orphan Black. It's been good to mix up the rewatching with new stuff.

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BTW, don't take these comments as negative, this is the first time my repulsion at these people has paid off with decent drama from it.

That's how I felt, finally the pace picks up and real shit hits the fan rather than just a bunch of office wrangling and threats.

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