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Re: Family Friendly Countries.

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I'm curious about the charting on "Is smoking banned in schools?" For America it says no law, but that's obviously not true. I mean, most places you can't even smoke in bars, and you certainly can't in schools.
I felt like a lot of the questions provided misleading results for the US, since our laws on these issues tend to be state-focused rather than federal. I would say that at least half of the answers given for the US do not match what is law where I live. The US just isn't that homogenous and so the results in this study are not really conveying the true situation.
I was about to post something similar. I got to the smoking question and when it said no law in the US, I was surprised. I think a lot of what these maps don't consider is the various provinces and states/cities have their own laws (And in the US, that's specified in the 9th and 10th amendments). Smoking may not be banned on a national level, but I've never seen schools allow smoking. Also, being in California, it's a state law that in bars/restaurants or just general public gathering areas, you can't smoke in those buildings. That's not the case in Nevada.

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