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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I call bullocks. Even when he reversed the rotation, I don't believe it's any more literal. It's just their way of illustrating through representation what he was doing.

By the same token

-I don't believe that there were white, statue-like versions of the crew, a human body, and a humpback whale during the time-travel scene in Star Trek 4.

- Or that the captain of the sailing ship, Vyvyan Ayrs, and Cavendish are the same person or even the same "soul" despite all being portrayed by the same actor in Cloud Atlas.

- that the little red lines scrawled on maps is a completely accurate depiction of Indiana Jones' travels in each of his films.

- that there really was a smokey room filled with TV's one of which turns on automatically to provide a newscast filled with important exposition in Tron Legacy

- That a clear whale sprung out of the Ocean in Life of Pi.

Yet, FYI, all these events "occur" in the films, and I don't think it should be a problem that the images should be taken literally just because they are on screen. Why has cinema become so dry that people can't learn to use a little imagination, and meet the film part of the way.

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