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Exactly. I mean, almost by the same logic every single one of us are time travelers since your proximity to mass and speed causes you to experience time at a different rate. "Time travel" is a side-effect of Superman going at super-speed, not an innate ability he has. We must also presume it's something that takes great strength and power to do, a "surge of adrenaline", if you will, that he can't just do willy nilly.
Well here's the thing - if you watch the 1978 "Superman reverses the rotation of Earth" Time Travel scenes - it does appear he is causing the Earth to rotate in retrograde - it shows him effectively stopping himself in space; then flying in the opposite direction around the Earth to stop the retrograde rotation. There's also intercut scenes that show events reversing themselves.

It thus appears he's not taking himself back in time - but indeed taking the entire planet Earth back in time somehow.
I think the key image in the scene is not him rotating around the earth and whether it is spinning forwards or backwards: the key image is his rage, and his intensity to do something he is forbidden to do. It would be ridiculous to take the lines of him spinning and the globe itself literally. He is turning back time and the images are a not-so-literal means of illustration.

Unfortunately, people have lost their sense of imagination and wonder and take everything they see on film so damn literally...
That would be - people don't have your rosy-coloured glassed and biased view of a very poor part of the movie.

The best you can do is come up with a clearly defective rationalisation - Supes, by flying around it, made the earth rotate backwards, then he changed its rotation again (this last part is what shows your time travel theory was not the intent of the film-makers).
A, yes - and declaring that using one's mind is not a quality - when it shows the glaring holes in your worshipped movie.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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