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Re: TOS Caption Contest #274: The Caption Incident

SCOTTY: I was once best friends with this tiny creature who looked a little bit like an ewok.
UHURA: What happened to him?
SCOTTY: He was killed on his vacation to Vulcan a few years ago.

KIRK: I do not understand why 20th century humans found this 'television' device so entertaining.
SPOCK: You're looking at the wrong end.

MCCOY: A little privacy, Spock? I'm making the captain play in the exercise kick machine again.
SPOCK: How does that tell you if he's healthy or not?
MCCOY: It doesn't. It's just fun to make him do it.

COMMANDER: He really believes Vulcans don't lie?

KIRK: So you're telling me, Vulcans get all the chicks?
SPOCK: Absolutely.
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