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Links to Science and Technology websites

Prepared in advance - hee hee!

Here are some science and technology-related websites:

ABC News Technology & Science - A mainstream media science page.

BBC News - Science/Nature - Scientific news topics from the Beeb. Also check BBC News - Technology. - "Science news and Current Events: Latest Research News in Science, Health, the Environment, Space and Technology." - Technology news and reviews. Want a new cellular phone but don't know which one's the best? CNET is the place to check.

CNN Science & Space news - From CNN's website. Also check CNN Technology News.

Discover Magazine - Website of the popular magazine. - "Enterprise Technology News and Reviews."

Google Sci/Tech News - News about science and technology.

I4U News - "The Technology News Magazine and Gadget Shopping Guide," featuring "booth babes" from the trade shows.

Internet Week - "Your Pipeline to the Business and Technology of the Internet." I subscribe to this at work.

Kim Komando - Companion website to her popular radio show (broadcast from Phoenix) about computers.

Live Science - News about science in several categories.

MSNBC Tech/Science - News from MSNBC.

NASA science news - "Aimed at the general public." - From the popular magazine Nature. - Website of New Scientist magazine.

New York Times science news - From "The Old Gray Lady," who also hosts a Technology News page.

Popular Science - My grandfather subscribed to this magazine and loved it.

Science Daily - News about recent scientific research in several categories.

Science Magazine - published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science - check their companion news website EurekAlert!

Science News - Excerpts from the weekly science magazine. I used to subscribe to this one many years ago.

Scientific American - Website of the popular science magazine. I used to subscribe to this one too.

Slashdot - "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." I've been told I would have to turn in my Geek Card if I don't check Slashdot periodically. - News about space in several categories. Companion website to Live Science.

TechWeb - "The Business Technology News Network."

Wired News - Computer and Technology related news.

Yahoo science news - Along with Yahoo Tech news, an extensive sub-menu for each major category and an impressive listing of articles.

EDIT - To add Internet Week
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