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Re: Cool, Syfy UK are showing DS9!

Kinggodzillak wrote: View Post
Unfortunately SyFy seem to be editing out some of the violence, and doing a pretty sloppy job. Marritza's death in Duet was shortened to remove any glimpse of the knife; we see the Bajoran standing outside Quarks watching as Marritza walks past, and then suddenly cut to him with the knife already in Marritza's back.

Necessary Evil last night was similarly affected; the Bajoran security officer getting stabbed was almost completely removed, and the assassin didn't even have a chance to pick up the pillow to smother Quark cos Rom just appeared out of nowhere to start screaming. Very irritating, particularly when this is the kind of violence that other channels would be perfectly happy to show at 3pm in various bland crime dramas. Don't remember ever seeing the show being quite so heavily censored before, Lord knows how it'll be when the Jem'Hadar and Klingons start carving people up...

Alignment X wrote: View Post
Watched DS9 on Syfy earlier (yes, Move ALong Home, not the best episode) and it feels like Syfy are tearing the episodes to ribbons - awful and completely undisguised jump cuts between scenes, dialogue out of sync with the image, repeating a section of footage after an advert break that had appeared just before the previous break... Terrible.
That's too bad. The episodes should be uncut or not shown at all. Can't they just show them at 9pm or 10pm if they think there's a little too much serious adult content?

DalekJim wrote: View Post
These aren't proper fans I'm talking about, just friends and associates. Whenever I bring up Star Trek (I have no social skills, OK?), I always mention DS9 is my favourite and almost universally get a bad reaction. I then press people on why they don't like it and they clearly know nothing about the show so it must be some bandwagon. I'm lucky if people even know it's "the one with the black captain."

TNG is easily the most popular Star Trek show among everybody I know in real life. Which is awesome cus TNG is terrific, but I'd like to see a bit more DS9 love.
Well, I don't know. TNG was the first Star Trek that I liked, but I haven't seen most of it still. After watching at least some of all of them, it was DS9 that I ended up liking the most. That was before I heard anything about it being the most critically acclaimed or voted as the "best Trek" or anything like that. So, that's the one I watched all the way through. I've watched more of the others since, and all of ENT last year, but DS9 is still the best to me and I don't consider myself a "hardcore Trek fan" at all.

It must be the fact that they haven't seen much of it or any of it to know that it's actually really great.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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