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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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I saw STID for a 7nth time yesterday and noticed there was a woman at the meeting that Kirk interrupted. I thought it was the dark haired woman with the Vulcan hair cut we saw in the detonated meeting but didn't that woman get shot in the leg? Because this woman was walking just fine when Marcus shooed them all away. There is a slight possibility she was just walking in the background though as I didn't actually see her at the table, but saw her leave.

Not that one is all that much better than none.
Before the firing, when Pike is saying to Marcus that Kirk is adjusting to his new role as First Officer - there is a dark-haired woman in the background with a "bob" or "page-boy" cut to Pike's right She is out of focused but IIRC the haircut exposed her ears (or at least one ear). Could she be the one in the interrupted meeting?
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