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Clippers attempting a big move--

Oh and yeah, that the Spurs can reload one more time, and that either Indiana or Chicago will keep Miami from a 3-peat...
If the NBA had allowed the Clips' to acquire both Doc and Garnett, that would have been HUGE. As it stands though, it is still pretty big. This is the first time they have gotten a coach who actually could lead them to the Finals -- IF they re-sign Chris Paul. CP3 is an even better point guard than Rondo. I'm glad Stern interfered with this deal (unlike another I can think of).

Best put your hopes in Chicago or Indy, the Spurs have a history of being a one off Finals participant. However, maybe losing their first Finals will finally motivate them to get back there next season.
Hey I admit it's a long shot, but something about the personality of that team and organization has always appealed to me, and the dynasty is drawing to an inevitable close...

Of course Chris Paul is better than Rhondo--he's not menopausal half the time!
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