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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Of course, while Sisko is worried about the two guys he murdered (via indirect order), the real victims are the thousands of Romulans who will die.
Something that's never acknowledged following the episode. The Romulans were duped into joining the war effort and fought valiantly alongside their Alpha Quadrant neighbors, never knowing the truth about what Sisko and Garak had done. I've often wondered if members of the Tal Shiar (Koval) suspected the truth but chose not to act because they believed it was necessary to drive the Dominion out of the AQ.

There's an interesting short story in the TNG anthology book that has Picard traveling to Romulus to deliver Admiral Jarok's letter. Jarok writes in his suicide note that Koval is a fellow patriot who wants what's best for his people. It sheds new light on Koval's decision to aid the Federation by providing high-level intelligence info on his government.

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