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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

I happen to be at the end of Mordant's Need right now(Terisa just freed herself from Eremis' grasp, and the Domni brothers just walked in expecting to have to save her). I bought Audio downloads and burned them to disk. I had read the first 100 pages of the first book, Gap Series, read it once, listened to it once. Covenant, I've read and listened to a total of abput 4 times, Final chronicles I've read each once through, and listened to them once through. Anxious for the Final Covenant book, in November, but, gonna wait for an audio.

Justice - Yea, still can't side with either of them, nor Camille. Lord, I feel sorry for the folks on that ship, with them for leaders, not of them is fit at this point. Wray and Rush using the opportunity to stick someone in the chair after Young has trumpeted the immorality of it until they learn more was repulsive.

Space - Welcome back Rush. Glad to see the Blues finally show up. It was cool that Young had to save Rush, then the conversation where they both have something on the other at the end and agreeing to bury the hatchet someplace aside from each other. Poor CHloe, it's all downhill for her character from here on out, I believe. She was one of my saving graces early on, she was a relief to have the focus on. Looks like Young brought the Blues into their hemisphere, by leaving rush as a tasy morsel the episode before.
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