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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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Yes, indeed I am me, Blackhawk made the Avatar for me, he's a Lord in a Blue Robe, with a Staff I'm honored you recognized me, I'm familiar with your posting around here, but, you have only a little posting activty on The Watch, unless you have alternates there?

You don't remember the episodes where Young is a Psycho? That's like at least all of S1, just that some episodes he shows it worse than others, LOL
I missed a lot of season 1 when it first aired as i was usually working on nights it was scheduled for and we were having trouble with the satellite signal anyhow. So i kept up with it by reading the episode transcripts that got posted on Gateworld. I did that with Stargate Atlantis during my first two years of university just read the episode transcripts provided by Gateworld since i couldnt follow them on tv.

Since i was reading a script rather than watching a performance i didnt pick up on some things as much like the full extent of Young's psycho behaviour and since i had read the transcripts it felt like i had already watched the episodes and what i mostly remembered was the whole earth soap opera issues which i didnt like so when i got the complete series on dvd i just watched the first couple then skipped straight to rewatching the second season conveniently skipping past most of the psycho Young moments :P

And no i dont have alternates on the watch. I joined because the Mordant Need duology is my all time favourite books and Kevins watch was the only forum about it that i could find but the Mordant section seems very quiet and my attempt to read the Covenant chronicles didnt work out so i only visit occasionally and mostly end up lurking rather than posting.
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