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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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I read the book a couple times now and loved it overall, but boy am I glad some of the stupid shit from that book didn't make it into this movie. Like Zombies being unaffected by most modern battlefield weapons (50 cals turn humans into ground chuck, Max), or a Battle of Yonkers scenario where armored columns get overrun, and no line of soldiers with .22s calmly head-shotting a slow-moving horde.
Are you sure you read the book several times? Max went into pretty good detail about why the battle of Yonkers turned out the way it did. Most notably, in this universe there were no zombie movies. No one knew that head shots were the only way to kill them. There was also the shortage of ammo, if I recall, due to the numbers of zombies being very under estimated. About the only thing he missed was the fact that concussive forces from the bombs would have turned the zombie brains to mush, destroying them as effectively as a bullet to the head.
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