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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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Hi Teacake, I haven't forgotten about you or SGU, I've just been enjoying Eureka, way more than I expected I would. I can watch at least 3 episodes a night, so I was letting you get a bit ahead of me. I watch these two, plus the next one tonight. I've been looking forward to watching Justice again (See if I still hate Young and Rush both as much, or if I'm able to take sides or at least appreciate the motives of one of them. I have appreciated Rush a little more this time in the 9 episodes so far, but, he's still an arrogant prick I'd want to shove out an airlock in real life if I had to deal with him, which, for a TV character isn't always so bad, as long as you don't feel that way about everybody, LOL.)
Its strange but i missed the episodes where Young acts like a psycho and never got around to rewatching them when i later got the series on dvd. My impression of Young is mainly based upon season 2 which i remmeber most and is quite favourable. I loved Rush from the start but im weird like that. I usually decide i will like or dislike a story or character before ive read the book/watched the show and with only minimal information about them and im very rarely ever wrong. (That is i must have been wrong at some point but i dont remember it so i assume i must have been wrong at some point)

Also Sindatur I just realised you have the exact same name and avatar as one of the members of the Kevins watch forum. Are you the same person or is this a completely random coincidence?
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