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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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I love how "brave" fans such as yourself come busting into the thread talking shit after your team wins. Reminds me of Celtic fans.
I wasn't going to comment at all until I saw how you were so butt hurt over a Heat repeat. Haters like you are the icing on top of that victory cake. You better get use to that feeling. The Heat are going 3 peat.
You better check your reading comprehension skills, home-slice. I've been predicting, but not rooting for or against, a Heat repeat since the playoffs started.
Yeah, you and the rest of the world. What a prediction that was Nostradamus.

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So of all the posts since game 7, mine were the ones that you picked out as hater-aid? Reading comprehension son -- it is your friend.
I suggest you go back and check the thread. I didn't call anyone out in my original post except Heat haters. You quoted me first home slice which lead me to believe you were Heat hater. If you aren't then why would you take issue with it?

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And unless they actually do 3-peat, I'm sure we won't be seeing your little gloat trolling self in this thread again, right? You sure you aren't a closet Celtics fan?
I haven't been around much on the board and rarely do I venture outside of TNZ. I saw this thread by chance when I looking for Formula 1 thread. Sorry if have a life and don't spend every waking hour here on this board arguing basketball with you. Also anything you say should be laughed at considering you had Danny Green being better than Ray Allen because of a seven game sample size.
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