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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

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Did you make it so the nascelles are of Andorian origin? I little about Star Trek tech. If so, it's a nice nod that not everything is Earth-based.
As stated, Cochrane warp drives have always been twin-nacelle designs since the original prototype. Andorians also use twin nacelles, but theirs are close in to the centerline of the ship and vertically stacked. I like to think that future Starfleet designs with vertical nacelles like the Constellation class, or with centerline-positioned ones like on the Kelvin, are Andorian-influenced.

I established in the book that Federation technology gets deflector shields from the Andorians and tractor beams from the Vulcans. Also the TOS-era bridge layout, with outward-facing consoles and twin helm/nav stations in front, is implied to be based on Andorian bridge layouts (e.g. the Kumari bridge in ENT's "Proving Ground"). I like to think that some of the less glamorous tech used in life support, food processing, etc. is of Tellarite origin. And ENT itself established that holodecks were a Xyrillian invention and implied that photon(ic) torpedoes were obtained from the Vissians (whereas Klingons already had photon torpedoes according to "Sleeping Dogs"). A lot of Federation medical knowledge, meanwhile, probably comes from the Denobulans through Phlox, and (according to Vanguard: Open Secrets) from the Vulcans, mainly through the efforts of a doctor named Sobon.

Well, that's decades beyond the timeframe I'm focusing on.

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