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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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With upscaling her DVDs will actually look BETTER on a Bluray player...
No, they won't.
When the first season was released on blu-ray, I did a comparison & I took one of the old dvd's and played it (upscaled) through my Oppo BDP-93 to my HD television. It wasn't even close in quality. As a matter of fact, in my opinion - the high definition screen makes it quite obvious how "low rez" the source is.
The only point to upscaling is so that the standard definition image can fill the screen. It doesn't make anything better, it doesn't turn it into HD, just lets it fill the screen.

All HDTVs upscale. They have to do it, because otherwise you'd see a postage-stamp-sized image. The question is, which does it better - the HDTV or the player? And most of the time it's the HDTV.
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