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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Looks like the crew cabins is a delicate subject and apparently needs to be resolved before my friend Andy is confronted with the task of accomodating all the cabins in the final CAD blueprints.

For the introduction to his movie Enterprise thread, Donny made a statement I absolutely agree and think it's equally appliable to Kirk's TV Enterprise: "I'm drawing both from TMP and TWOK as far as detailing goes, mixing and matching various elements. I want to balance the clean feel of TMP with the functional militaristic feel of TWOK. Less hotel, less submarine, more starship."

From what I read at the BBS there are fans that apparently advocate the submarine approach while Mario de Monti seems to rather advocate the hotel approach. If I were forced to make one choice I'd go with the hotel approach.

But then again, this project is not about what I like things to be but to represent the ship as seen onscreen and as close as possible to what Matt Jefferies and the producers intended it to be. For me it always comes down to the question "Would Matt have approved?" and I hope and pray I'm doing something he would have liked - and approved...

Unfortunately he no longer walks the Earth to be consulted (same for Bobby Justman and of course Gene Roddenberry), therefore we have to rely on source materials like The Making of Star Trek: "Junior officers are assigned similar accomodations, but usually are required to share them with one other fellow officer."

And considering the influence of the Hornblower novels I believe that the bulk of the crew sleeps on the B(erth) Deck and not the H(otel) Deck (sorry, couldn't resist a little pun).

While I feel that Nicholas Meyer went into "Hornblower Overdrive" in ST VI and especially the "bunk bed brawl" aboard Excelsior at the beginning of he film, I think it's pretty clear that the idea of "sharing" a cabin had been among the first premises of the series.

And the outside of Garrovick's cabin in "Obsession" suggests nothing to the contrary (notice that the camera angle inside Cabin 341 avoids to show us the other half of the cabin. The cabin set only had one bed and one desk. Had the producers wanted to provide Garrovick with an officer's cabin, they probably would have shown more of his cabin...and inevitably a desk).

But I sympathize with the need for privacy and sexual interaction (yet feel the standard cabin's dull interior not to really be an invitation for such interaction). Since this is not the Enterprise-D with families aboard, I'd presume sexual interaction wouldn't mean "reproduction" but constitute an activity that comes under the heading of "recreation"?

On Deck 8 we do have the R(ecreation) Deck which contains "a rather exotic entertainment center". (or did Whitfield censor Roddenberry's "erotic" by transforming it into "exotic"?).

I can imagine rooms there which do serve the aforementioned purpose and obviously a walk straight from the herbarium to one of these rooms might yield a much more rewarding experience than passing the busy and/or dull corridors on the way to a cabin which would possibly rather be a mood killer, IMHO. Thoughts?

@ Mytran

Can't shake the suspicion you do have a full archive of analogies what the interior of the ship should be like. First the "endless pool" and now a bunk bed with a desk to instantly illustrate the essential idea (TOSified it would have to be, indeed).

I do believe when we're dealing with deck plans there's always an elephant in the room named Franz, so I have no problems with that. On the contrary, as you just mentioned, he illustrated accomodations for 430 people and this gives us a good idea how much space we do, could or should have for accomodation.

But as you said, toilets and showers could or should be shared where possible and appropriate to free up space we may need for mechanical components of the ship.

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