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Re: Morality and the Holodeck - slightly different question

IMO the only real point of difference between this and imagination is the potential for libel and/or blackmail. Say for example that I create a holodeck program where Beverly Crusher subjects me to repeated sexual harassment. I record my activities and present the recording as veridical - ie, claiming that the events it depicts really happened. Or I could happily accede to holo-Crusher's solicitations and record that to claim it really happened - or threaten to do so.

That's ethically, of course. Legally speaking, if enough people are creeped out by the idea, most likely a law will be passed. I believe, for example, that in Sweden, it is in fact illegal to create pornographic images of someone without their consent (ie, it's against the law to save someone's FB pics and shop their faces into an explicit image).
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