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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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I hate faux-friendliness, especially the creepy kind. I was making a purchase at a store, and (of course) used one of the "discount" or "preferred" or whatever card that you basically fill your wallet or purse with these days so that companies can track your purchase habits.

Anyway, so after I give her the card, she says "thanks ----(my first name) Well, since she obviously got that from the card, I found it a bit annoying and just gave her a look. Then she made some comment on something I purchased. You know, I'm all for "hi, how are you?" or "how was your day?" and a level of politeness and friendliness, but I just found the combination of using my name that she got from a card and the comments on my buying choices creepy rather than friendly.
At the Safeways I've been to, I've noticed the cashiers always look at the bottom of the receipt to thank "Mr./Mrs. _____" if they're a Safeway Card member.

However, my Safeway Card was never actually registered under a name (I never gave them the form you have to fill out), so they look at the bottom of the receipt, see no name, and then just thank me.
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