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The Other Comic Thread

So we have threads about the current goings on with the Big Two, Marvel and DC, but none that I'm aware of for everyone else. So I'm interested in seeing what others are reading outside of the Big Two. For myself, I no longer collect on a regular basis, but I still go to the shop every once in awhile and if something catches my eye, I'll pick it up.

John Byrne was doing some nice Trek work until Paramount wanted to focus on nuTrek comics effectively ending his Trek run. Since then he's been putting out a steady stream of four issue mini-series ranging from spy stuff to sci-fi to super hero to end of the world stuff.

Doomsday.1 is a post apocalyptic tale. Most of the world has been devastated by a massive solar flare and we follow (so far) a group of astronauts as they make their way to the habitable area, which is in upper South America.

Two issues in and I'm enjoying the series, tho we're still in "set up" mode. Issue 2 was okay, but it felt a bit too rushed and predictable. I'm loving Byrne's art recently. Nice and clean, his best work in a long time.

Pulp action!! I'm loving this series. Love the art, the story, the whole approach (especially the radio on the inside cover as if it's a radio show). This is the final issue of this mini-series with the next one being teased at the end. More two fisted action and we learn the identity of Labryinto. I'd say that Francavilla would do a kick ass old school Batman, but I'd rather he do Black Beetle than that.

Mister X has returned! I love Dean Motter's retro futuristic cities (Radiant, Terminal and Electra) and always look forward to visiting them again. More retro-noir, more puns, more action, more fun! X's girl pal Mercedes has been captured and now X has enlisted Tess LaCoyle to help him get her back. Can she stay sober enough to help? Plus stand alone back up stories!

This is sort of a reintroduction to Mister X for modern audiences, so if you want something a little different, give it a try.
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