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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

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I was a bit worried that the revelation of Omega's apparent intelligence could have been a deus ex machina solution, but so far so good. The timey wimey shenanigans have given Wesley a chance, without solving everything for him, and he seems to have the situation resolved.

Now to see how it works out for the crew of the Agamemnon...
Thanks for the feedback. I might not be completely innocent on pulling a bit of a deus ex machina ending ...

admiralelm11 wrote: View Post
Really enjoying this story, CeJay. I like how you work the past abc the future together. You've created some interesting crews with the Agamemnon and the Lexington.

Keep up the great work, sir.
Glad to hear you've been enjoying this story. I can't take credit for the Lexington crew which was created by David Falkayn. His Lexington stories should still be available on this board. Or keep an eye out for the United Trek story achieve currently in the work, for easy access to all UT stories.
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