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Re: Do you want to phone E.T.?

For point #1, I just don't think the analogy works. It's a lot easier for a person to just pick up and walk down the street than it is for a civilization to reach other star systems. Yes, it's possible that it becomes more common, but just becoming more common doesn't automatically make it on the same effortless level as squashing a bug.

Think of the prevalence of air flight even. We've got it down to a point where it's not that complicated, but it still involves costs and time, and it isn't just effortless. And that's a fairly simple technology compared to interstellar flight. I believe that the more complex technology gets, things are going to be progressively more difficult in terms of just waving your hand and something happens effortlessly.

And even assuming that it is so common for a civilization to be able to wander about so easily, then why haven't they been here already? I mean, if we're talking bug-swatting levels of difficulty, then chances are they've been here and beyond. I don't think we're under any kind of refrigerator, so to speak. If any sufficiently advanced species exists, I'd think that they are well aware of us.
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