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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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I was already disappointed that Mr. Cawley would no longer be playing Kirk, but now, knowing that Kitumba will be his last is really a bummer. I thought since the yet to be released episodes had been filmed for the most part, that I had several more episodes to look forward to.
"Captain Kirk" only appears in the teaser and tag of "The Protracted Man", and we only filmed one scene with "Kirk" for "Mind-Sifter" - because James was working and had Elvis sideburns. (it was a "torture scene" where his sideburns were able to be covered up by latex and a lot of blood). Truth be told, if James keeps working steadily and he was "Kirk", filming would not take place for Phase II for several years. So it's a catch-22: people who want James to play Kirk would not get any new episodes until 2016 at the earliest. (he's got gigs booked into 2015)

If it's any consolation, I think "Kitumba" was some of his best work - as well as the best work I've seen from Doc John as McCoy. (as well as most of the cast and crew) So, if the script sucks the acting is top notch (and the VFX incredibly beautiful) and he'll go out on a high note!
Ok, thx, I feel better now

And, I gotta go catch one of his shows!
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