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Re: TNG Caption This! 318: Proper Observation

Beverly: My God, Worf! It's Wesley!
Worf: Tasha, do something!
Tasha: (thinking) I wonder what I'd look like with that beard...
Geordie: (thinking) I wonder what I'd look like with that beard...
Quinteros: (thinking) There's Picard; here's my chance while everyone's distracted! Honestly, my one shot at the big time and everyone thinks I'm his stunt double! He doesn't even have a BEARD!!

Personal log: As everyone is in sickbay, I have 6 hours to pass while Beverly replicates enough bandages for the entire crew. Hmmm... What to do.... Computer, update Facebook status: 'Spot went on killing spree across whole ship LOL'

Data: Hmm... curious... this shoe... there's something... familiar...
Geordie: Never mind the shoe, Data, Pulaski's getting kidnapped! It's HILARIOUS!
Data: Yes, yes but this shoe... it almost resembles..........

Deanna: Do you think Worf has noticed the 'Kick Me' note yet?
Tasha: Nah but let's keep running just in case

Jean-Luc was having trouble getting his onesie back on and Beverly was running out of distraction techniques
Worf: (thinking) Oh no - not another dance number!
Beverly: And a one, and a two...
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