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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
I think the (otherwise unseen) wall in the side booth could extend further into the office area behind. Though we never saw what's on this wall (hand sterilizing sink, hyposprays or else?) I would leave this wall "unseen". Revealing that blank wall now makes the booth look like a dead space without actual function.
Will do. I will have to wait for that until I build the office set, so I'll know how much room there is to work with. I too had the idea of putting a hand sink there, and tried a few different things, but everything looked a little too out of place. I think it's best it remains a mystery. Only problem is that the player can venture into the "booth" unless I put an invisible wall there preventing it, which would most certainly ruin the immersion more.

GSchnitzer wrote:
Do we know if the red plant-on by the door is actually that one that you're showing there? (It's an inspired guess even if we don't get any fuller looks at it.)

It was an "inspired guess"

Redfern wrote:
It still blows my mind that you generate your renders with a "real-time" game engine! The lighting and shadows are far more faithful than I have been able to achieve with a rendering tool that can take several minutes (if not hours, depending upon the features checked) to create a single frame.
Unfortunately, I too have to do lighting compiles with each change I make to the map file. These can take anywhere from a single minute to a few hours, depending on the complexity of the map, and the quality of the lighting I select. For example, the sickbay examination room by itself takes about an hour to compile at this point at full production lighting quality. However, the string of corridors I've constructed so far with the transporter room, briefing room, and turbolifts in place took over 8 hours last time I compiled it! It makes sense that I build these things separately to reduce lighting compile times and then combine them all later, and then go to sleep or to work to wait on the full compile.

However, these compile times will have no effect on the eventual audience. Once I do my final lighting compiles, the map files load instantly (on my PC, however).

M wrote:
Donny, I love your recreations of those sets! The attention to detail is astonishing. Have you ever thought about writing spherical (equirectangular) images out of the engine and uploading them to a site like That way we could immerse even more on your work. I would love to pan around the brigde, sickbay or engineering.

Just for the heck of it, I created a spherical view from that establishing shot from "The Man Trap". Enjoy.
Not sure how to do this. Is there a program for it?
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